Home Control in West Palm Beach | 3 Home Technology Trends

March 16th, 2018

Thanks to technology, designing and upgrading your home is more exciting than ever. In 2018, new trends are emerging that continue to integrate technology into the way we live our daily lives, especially at home. This gives us convenience and home control in West Palm Beach. Learn about these home technology trends and see how they can upgrade and enhance your life at home.

Home Security

Security is always a hot topic when it comes to home trends. This year, there is an increase in security products on the market. These new products integrate security with technology, giving homeowners increased control. Security cameras and motion sensors can all be integrated into your home. This can let you know when a package arrives, or when someone enters your home.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smartphones and smart TV’s make way. Your whole home can be smart now! This now includes your kitchen. This year, we’re seeing smart refrigerators that can let you know when you’re out of an item, and smart ovens that connect to your phone. On the smaller side, smaller counter-top gadgets, such as coffee makers, are also making mornings a little bit easier.

Home Entertainment

Larger TV’s are making home-movie nights and watching sports games a whole new experience. These new TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG can span your entire wall, providing the convenience and fun of an at-home theater. Look out for these massive TV’s to enhance your family’s viewing experience.

Where can I find the best home control in West Palm Beach?

Experience Home Control in West Palm Beach

Being in control of your home is always on trend. For the best technology trend products and home control in West Palm Beach, contact ETC Palm Beach. With top of the line products and services, your home will always be tech-savvy and on trend.

Home Automation System in West Palm Beach FL | 3 Benefits

March 16th, 2018

Technology continues to become a routine part of our daily lives. With a home automation system in West Palm Beach FL, you can experience the benefits of controlling security, lighting and other features on your smartphone. Check out these three benefits of home automation to see how convenient home technology can be.

#1: Appliance Safety

We all know that leaving on lights or other appliances can waste energy. However, it can also be a safety hazard. With an automation system, you can set a specific time to turn your lights or other appliances off. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to turn off that hair straightener your daughter left on even when you’re away from home. This gives you the power to eliminate appliance hazards, and save energy by controlling lighting in your home.

#2: Increases Home Security

Imagine you’re running out the door trying to catch a flight to go on vacation. Did you remember to lock your door? With home automation, you can simply tap your finger and secure your home. No need to worry while you’re at work or on vacation. In addition, you can receive alerts if your home is entered. This ensures that your children are home from school safely, and you are aware of who enters your home at all times.

Where can I find the best home automation system in West Palm Beach FL?

#3: Save Time and Money with a Home Automation System in West Palm Beach FL

One of the best benefits of home automation is saving time and money. Every month, you will see how having the power to control the energy being used in your home can save money on your utility bill. Additionally, the power to control security and appliances can save you time. For the best home automation system in West Palm Beach FL, contact ETC Palm Beach, and experience the benefits of technology in your home.


A Truly Versatile Outdoor Home Theater System

August 28th, 2015

Dedicated home theater space is no longer a requirement for a home theater. In fact, the new outdoor theater screens are almost completely customizable and feature all the new technology available inside your home but now can be placed almost anywhere outside.


We especially like the Stealth Home Theater systems. It features LED screens, outdoor loud speakers (with new processing systems like Dolby Atmos) and the option to customize screen specifications for placement in brighter lighting including the ability to adjust the resolution and brightness. And the screens can be placed almost anywhere because of the enclosure system that will protect the screen when not in use. And an added bonus, these systems play Blu-ray movies, digital files, files stored on a network or in a cloud, cable or satellite, as well as streaming systems like Roku, Amazon Fire, Netflix, and Apple TV.

The customization of the screen and versatility of streaming sources make this theater system an easy solution for families looking for more entertainment options outsideInterested in planning an outdoor theater for your home?  We are happy to help!