2022 – Key Technological Innovations in Smart Homes and the Way Forward
Published March 28, 2022

Today homes are upgrading, transforming from connected homes to intuitive, intelligent, and proactive homes. Over the last few years, smart home setups have ushered in a new era of convenience for homeowners by enhancing lifestyles while making lives simple simultaneously.


Homes powered with end-to-end technologies enable individuals to control, monitor and automate air-conditioning, lights, entertainment systems, and other linked equipment remotely and have emerged as the homes of the future.


2021 was the Year of Home Innovations 

In 2021, we witnessed many technological innovations gain adoption across homes due to the ongoing covid pandemic. The ability to control and monitor homes through a wireless medium makes living in a smart home a revolutionary and highly immersive experience. The demand for wireless monitoring has been reinforced by the disruptions experienced due to covid. 


With a smart home setup, homeowners can operate practically all the equipment in their homes, including multiple appliances, a high-tech music system, a geyser, a door locking system, and lighting across specific areas from anywhere, anytime.


2022- Expected Shift from Smart Homes to Intelligent, Intuitive Homes

Homeowners are increasingly investing in automated, intelligent homes. According to a recent McKinsey report, the value for the Internet of Things (IoT) market is likely to reach $11.1 trillion by 2025. This indicates that the need to orchestrate data from home sensors and devices will grow immensely. This year, the world will witness a transition phase where smart homes need to become sustainable and intelligent homes.


The leading home automation companies understand the need to forge a future where they can offer homeowners zero-touch user interfaces (UI). The future of smart homes is likely to be completely intuitive environments capable of managing the internal and external needs of the homeowners. 


Key Home Automation Trends to Watch Out in 2022 

Smarter Sensors 

Sensors make the core of the smart home experience and help homeowners by triggering security cameras or turning on lights when required. Smarter sensors can declutter your home and expand the functionality of smart devices. 


Home Security 

Home security is one of the key driving forces behind the advancing home technology. Smart technology can notify you when somebody tries to break into your house and helps you keep an eye on your kids, pets, and elderly, when you are away. 


Health tracking and management

Sleep tech is another key trend likely to be seen more often in 2022. Smart home automation companies will invest in the smart beds leading to better, deeper sleep, and can even help homeowners identify potential sleep disorders they weren’t aware of.


Transform your home with the help of ETC


If you already have a smart home and want to make it intelligent or are looking forward to transforming your normal home to a smart home this year, you must get in touch with one of the leading smart home automation companies, such as ETC.


ETC has been delighting its clients and customers by automating and integrating technology into their projects for over 30 years. Get in touch with them for tailored solutions to transform your home effortlessly.

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