A Truly Versatile Outdoor Home Theater System
Published September 9, 2019

Dedicated home theater space is no longer a requirement for a home theater. In fact, the new outdoor theater screens are almost completely customizable and feature all the new technology available inside your home but now can be placed almost anywhere outside.

We especially like the Stealth Home Theater systems. It features LED screens, outdoor loud speakers (with new processing systems like Dolby Atmos) and the option to customize screen specifications for placement in brighter lighting including the ability to adjust the resolution and brightness. And the screens can be placed almost anywhere because of the enclosure system that will protect the screen when not in use. And an added bonus, these systems play Blu-ray movies, digital files, files stored on a network or in a cloud, cable or satellite, as well as streaming systems like Roku, Amazon Fire, Netflix, and Apple TV.

The customization of the screen and versatility of streaming sources make this theater system an easy solution for families looking for more entertainment options outside. Interested in planning an outdoor theater for your home? We are happy to help!

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