About ETC 

Our History

ETC was founded in 1988 as a company that provided the latest in technology and lifestyle choices.

The company’s goal is to “WOW” and “AMAZE” by integrating and automating their customers’ technology with access to the newest services, products and options with an unparalleled level of service.

The company has catered to the luxury residential market and has expanded into supporting Commercial projects as well. In that time, ETC has grown from a one employee start-up to the largest single location, nationally recognized, award winning enterprise with over 2,500 satisfied customers and continuing to grow.

Through the years ETC has developed a reputation for being an innovator in not only design and implementation but also in setting industry standards for the best in class process and procedures. Many of ETC former employees have gone on to set up successful business of their own and established a worldwide network of like-minded entrepreneurs helping consumers with their home-automation needs.

The future of the company is bright as ETC looks at adding new products and services to its already large offering that will better support the needs of its current customers and the next generation of technology around the corner.

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Our Success

Throughout the years, ETC has set itself apart as the best home automation technology company, providing the best services and products to each and every client for more than 30 years. As a result, ETC has won a variety of awards and honors, including:

2019 CEPRO Best Project

Whole Home

Gold Level Winner

2018 CEDIA AWARDS Finalist

“Best Integrated Home”

“Home of the Year”

Home Automation & Networking Association (HANA)

Electronic House Magazine

“Luxury Home of the Year”

National Consumer Electronics Association (National CEA)

EH Publishing’s CEPro Magazine

“Estate Home System of the Year”

Home Automation & Networking Association (HANA)

Electronic House Magazine

Our Clients Love What We Do

Not only do we love our work, but so do our clients. Don’t believe that ETC is the best with home automation technology services and products? Then see what our loyal customers have to say about us:

I’m writing you today to tell you how fantastic your employees have been while working at my final masterpiece, 3492 South Ocean. I’ve been creating oceanfront artistry since 1992, and using home automation for 25 years – remember Intellinet? Anyway, I’ve never had more competent and professional technicians than your team.

That’s good, right? Why makes them great is they both attended the Grand Unveiling of 3492 South Ocean last week and were on call for the entire event in case something went wrong. There were 250 paying guests ($200/ea) who had an epic experience, in part, due to the teams presence.

Beyond great, you enter “one-of-a-kind” status, and your team entered that rarified company by being available by phone on Memorial Day as we were shooting a cutting-edge marketing video. Yes, your associate made himself available on Memorial Day!

ETC is fortunate to have such a great team, and so are we.

Michael DiPietro

Chief Operating Officer/General Manager, Aberdeen Golf & Country Club

We had our system installed by ETC when we had our house built about six years ago. Since then, we’ve enhanced it, and the whole system works very well. We have been very impressed with it. It has a lot of great features that you don’t get anywhere else.

In general, it’s just a very convenient system. We already have recommended ETC to others. We have friends who are building homes who have bought ETC systems. ETC was very honest with us and was very helpful in all their explanations of what was available. They were very innovative and had a very good follow-up, and they showed a lot of attention to detail.

They exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend ETC to others. I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ETC’s competitors, and I’ve found that ETC is the best in the business.

Bob Barstow

Boca Raton, FL

I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with. They listened to exactly what I wanted and answered all my questions.

I’m a pretty technically oriented person myself, but they were able to explain things in layman’s terms to my wife. They took a sincere interest in what systems I wanted to have in my house, and they tailored systems that would fit my budget and could do what I wanted them to do.

Now we seldom reach for light switches; it’s like the system adapts to us. We can easily select the type of music we often listen to now from easy-to-use touchscreens. I wouldn’t want to live without a system like that anymore.

Alan Snyder

Manalapan, FL

I asked your tech for you contact info because I wanted to write a note expressing my appreciation for the great work that ETC’s install team did on my new home in Seven Bridges. I was fortunate to have ETC work on my previous house in the Bridges and, if fact, it was largely because I was familiar with them and the job they did on that house that I selected ETC to enhance the basic installation provided by GL Homes in our new home.

I owned a professional and technical services company providing service to the Defense and Intelligence Community, so I know the importance of having people who not only have the technical expertise, but also the interpersonal skills to deal with clients. ETC employees all are personable, responsive, and patient–particularly important in my case.

They anticipated my needs and made suggestions when appropriate. As I’m sure you know, particularly regarding technical skills, it is important that the service provider not make the client feel overwhelmed or talked down to. The ETC team made my wife and I comfortable with the technology, and designed and implemented a system we can live with–and can’t live without.

I was really fortunate to have ETC work on my home and I think you’re fortunate to have them on your team.

Chick Baboyian

My wife and I are so pleased with how the systems that ETC installed for us have made our lives easier and more enjoyable. We rarely used to listen to music and now that it is so easy to operate with Crestron, we almost always have it on. We also get a lot of pleasure from our media room and find watching movies a real “experience” now.

We were afraid that we would get all “this stuff” and not use it but it has been the opposite. We do use the systems and they have greatly improved the quality of our lives. With the combined Security and Lighting control we feel safer in our new home. ETC has done a wonderful job simplifying our systems operation so that even we can easily use them.

Joe Gentile

Jupiter Island, FL