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Solution Focused Design

Nothing starts until the plans are drawn and no one does it better than ETC. With multiple Engineers on staff we deliver state of the art CAD drawings that assist your Architect and Builder in completing your project on-time and within budget.

Our plans are considered among the most comprehensive for a technology design firm and show you every detail of your build.

Most other companies simply mark up plans from the builders with notes here and there. We ensure you have a full step of Technology Design Plans to ensure anyone can understand exactly where that wire is behind your walls, and how that speaker is connected to your main system.

These plans are critical to your successful project completion and to ongoing service and support when things don’t go as you expected.

ETC recently implemented a 360-degree camera view of your project at the beginning, during construction and at the end to assist all of your trades in understanding how the project was built and have ongoing visibility when you need service and or support. This is an industry first and an ETC exclusive.

Our Process Includes:

Interview and Consultation

Let us learn about your needs and wants. If you know what you would like, we’ll design to your specifications.

If you are not sure, let us offer Good/Better/Best recommendations that you choose

System Engineering

ETC fully engineers, documents, assembles, programs, and tests systems in-house prior to delivery and installation.

This approach expedites the installation process and reduces the number and magnitude of issues encountered on-site.

Detail Design Phase

We take everything we learned and put in on paper.

Our process is so thorough, customers come to us even if they are just considering new construction or a remodel to help them design their vision.

Project Management

Like quality architectural, engineering and construction firms, ETC assigns a project manager to your project, who is the primary interface to all parties involved in the job.

The project managers plan and coordinate logistics and manage our on-site technical and engineering personnel.

Pre-Construction Phase

With your builder/architect/interior designer, we walk the site to understand the physical dimensions and design of your home.

  • Where does the invisible speaker go best?
  • How do we ensure the camera has full view of your area?
  • Can we minimize aesthetic challenges by custom motorization solutions?

All of this will be reviewed with your team.


Wires are labeled and positioned for your current and future needs to ensure minimal disruption to your home in the future.


Finalize the look and design of how the systems will look in their environment customized to your every last detail.

Installation Hook up and Evaluation

The technology you requested gets installed where you requested it and evaluated for design and functionality.

Programming and Testing

Even the most premium quality equipment has little value to you if you have difficulty using their systems.

For this reason, ETC employs a team of programmers and a user-interface specialist who works closely with the system designers and engineers and interface directly with you.

This bridge ensures that programming is consistent with design intent from the outset and that the result exceeds expectations.

Final Walk-Through and Certification

Throughout we have been validating our progress to ensure adherence to your specifications, but here is where we walk room by room, confirm everything has been delivered to your satisfaction and make sure every system works with one-touch.

Training and Customer Education

A system is only as good as your know how to use it so we spend ample time ensuring we show you all the capabilities, leave you access to tutorials and make sure you understand what you can do, where and when.

On-Going Support

When ETC accepts a new project, we enter into a long-term client relationship that typically lasts many years and spans multiple projects.

Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventive maintenance, system upgrades, and consultation on new innovations.

These combined services ensure not only that your systems continue to function reliably but also that you enjoy the benefits of new technological advances.

Think of us as your personal technology advisors.

On Demand Service

If you run into a problem, remember no one has more service personnel and is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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