Don’t Get Left in the Dark – Upgrade your Lighting System Today!
Published February 18, 2022

ETC has been in the industry for over 35 years with over 3,000 satisfied clients. With that, we’ve seen a lot of technology come and go. Unfortunately, this means that some systems installed in the past are currently outdated and are due for an upgrade. If you update your phone every year – it’s time to take a look at all your technology including your lighting system.

The most common outdated system our served team comes across is the LiteTouch system. The LiteTouch line was officially discontinued in 2015, with no replacement or support parts available to the public. It’s highly advisable to replace these systems before the hardware completely fails, leaving you in the dark…

Our experts here at ETC know exactly how to resolve this for you before it becomes a larger issue. Our engineers recommend replacing your LiteTouch system with a Vantage system. A Vantage system allows you keep you’re the existing wiring for a seamless transition. Furthermore, you can keep your control system as it can be seamlessly reprogrammed to interface with the Vantage Lighting solution.

Some systems may not require replacement, rather enhancement. Older Lutron QS systems are still viable, however there are components that are not easily available for service. Our engineers suggest upgrading the components to avoid issues down the line. Like lighting systems, some control systems such as Control 4 or Crestron could be enhanced by upgrading the processing system, giving you more features! 

Don’t Get Left in the Dark! 

Are you concerned about your current lighting/control system? Give us a call at 561-811-8118 to contact a specialist today! 

Trust us with your home automation needs as we are the largest company of our kind in South Florida with multiple industry certifications of excellence and numerous industry awards for our work.

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