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Automated Control Systems

Do you want your home life to be less complicated and more relaxing? Then it’s time to take advantage of automated control systems.

An automated control system saves you time and energy by allowing you to effectively and easily manage your house and all of its lights, lawn sprinklers, heating/cooling system, whole-house music, security, and more.

Each automated control system is designed and programmed to meet the specific needs of your family. With the simple touch of a button, all your doors can be secured, lights turned off, shades drawn, and music and televisions shut down.

You can leave your home for the entire night without worrying if you remembered to lock your back door or if the shades in your room are down. You can even program your system to have certain things happen during the day like adjusting the temperature just before you arrive home.

Additionally, automated control systems offer you the comfort of knowing you can monitor your home via the internet whenever you’re away on vacation.

Don’t wait any longer to take your home to the next level with automated control systems from ETC.

Our experienced engineers will take the time to review all of your available options and design the best system for your home.

Contact ETC Palm Beach to get started today.

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