Lighting Turns a House into a Home

Whether it’s under-cabinet LED lighting, or highlighting your favorite palm tree, our lighting designers and engineers can deliver on your every wish.

Imagine a light that changes with the time of the day. Imagine lighting that you can change into an infinite amount of colors to highlight a piece of art, create a mood for you party, enhance a view or simply create a relaxing alcove.

LED lighting is the biggest evolution to lighting since Edison invented the bulb! Now you can preset lights to adjust based on the movement of the sun, so you simply allow the house to live and breathe as the day progresses. ETC can design, implement, monitor and service all your lights including exterior landscaping lighting.

Here at ETC, we can design lighting systems that provide you with the perfect amount of light for any situation with just a touch of a button.

For example, one push of the away button as you leave your home can turn off all the lights in your house. At night pre-determined lights can turn on and off randomly to make it appear like you are home and ward off intruders.

A single press of the night button by the bed can turn off all the pre-selected lights in your home. The amount of lighting scenarios that can be programmed to make your life not only easier but more enjoyable are endless.

But that’s not all. For security purposes, all our lighting control systems can have a button on the keypad by the bed that turns on all exterior and interior lights.

If your security system is ever triggered by a break-in or fire, your exterior lights will flash providing a visual reference for neighbors and emergency services. Your interior hallway lights will also turn on, illuminating the best path for your family to make a quick and safe escape.

Furthermore, these lighting systems prevent you from accidentally leaving lights on – making your home more energy efficient than ever before and saving you time and money every day.

Don’t wait any longer to reap all the benefits of a lighting control system. Our engineers will work with you to review all your options to design the best lighting control system for your home – one that maximizes efficiency and enhances your lifestyle.

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