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There are few things more important than keeping your home and family safe and sound – both inside and outside.

Here at ETC, our security systems can guard your home against unwanted intruders by triggering alarms and alerting you on both your cell phone and central monitoring systems. Plus, in order to guarantee security from environmental factors, our security systems will also automatically detect for smoke, fire, water leaks, and more. But that’s not all. To grant you complete peace of mind, you can monitor your home anywhere, even if you are states away, through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

When you turn to ETC Palm Beach to provide you with home security technologies, your options to finding the best system for your family and home are numerous. Keep the things and people that mean the most to you as safe as possible by contacting ETC Palm Beach to learn more about our security systems today.

Access Controls

If you want to take your home security system to the next level, it’s time to incorporate access controls. A well-designed access control system not only increases the security of home but creates a multitude of conveniences that make protecting your precious house and family easier and more efficient than ever before.

Access control systems are the safe and convenient way to lock and unlock all doors, gates, and windows in your home. Imagine that your children get home from school early one day and don’t have their house keys. Thanks to access controls, you can use your smartphone to unlock your doors without having to run home.

You can even have your access controls integrated with your central home automation system. This allows you to complete any of its functions with a simple touch of a button on the control panel on your smartphone, in your kitchen, on your handheld remote in your living room, from any computer, or anywhere else.

Here at ETC Palm Beach, your access controls can be as simple or as complex as you need. Contact our experienced access control experts to review your options today.

Surveillance Cameras

Do you want to effectively enhance your traditional home security monitoring system? Then it’s time to add surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras can be installed inside and outside your home to record activity day and night. You can watch any area of your home in real time or replay the recorded video later to review a situation. No matter what you choose, you’re granted a full 360-degree view of your precious home 24/7.

Here at ETC Palm Beach, our engineers can install systems that allow you to view any area of your home on your smartphone, tablet, television, handheld remotes, or computer. Just imagine that you’re watching your favorite television show in your bedroom while your children are playing in the pool. With a mere touch of a button, you can pause your Netflix, pull up the pool camera on the TV screen, and view the entire area to ensure that everyone is safe and sound.

Not to mention, we always use only the best surveillance camera systems available and latest technologies. As a result, you are granted creativity when choosing where to install your cameras, ensuring that they are very inconspicuous.

Our ETC Palm Beach engineers have the knowledge and experience in providing, designing, and installing complex surveillance systems and integrating them into your home automation system o you can view your home when you want and how you want. Contact ETC Palm Beach to get started today.

Network Security

Today, internet connection in the home is a necessity. ETC’s data network monitoring makes sure that you are always connected on every device. Our specially engineered networks are designed to automatically switch you to a backup internet provider when your primary source is disrupted.

Not only do we ensure up-time, but we can also recommend solutions to protect you against cyber-attacks. ETC is constantly looking for better security solutions for your networks and we will enhance our monitoring systems with these solutions automatically.

ETC Products & Energy

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could control all the major electronic and HVAC appliances in your house with just the touch of a button? Of course it would. With smart home technology you can do just that.

Energy efficient smart home technology allows you to control the lighting in your house as well as the AC unit all from anywhere that you go thanks to a convenient app on your smartphone or tablet. Forget to turn up the AC before leaving for that business trip? No problem. Want to cool down your house on your way home from work? Go for it. Forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen, but now you’re on the other side of the house? Skip the walk back and do it on your phone.  Want to enjoy your hot tub after a strenuous workout?  No problem, turn it on from your phone and set the desired temp so it’s ready to go when you arrive!

Energy independence is the ultimate goal for all energy systems. At ETC we can offer solutions that will allow you to disconnect from the Grid entirely and run your home with your own power. With home control systems, you have the power to control your home making it more energy efficient and save money on energy and electric costs.

At ETC we are an industry leader when it comes to smart home technology and home control systems.

We will work with you to design and install a custom energy management system that is perfect for your home.

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