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Whether you are home or away on vacation, ensuring your home is safe can put your mind at ease. With ETC Monitoring, your home is protected 24/7 through multiple different systems. Monitoring your home or business means ensuring you know what is happening at any time with the touch of a button. ETC offers that ability on many different levels.

Intrusion Protection

Using an array of solutions from cameras, infrared detectors, motion sensors, laser perimeter sensors, glass break sensors, smoke, carbon monoxide, water intrusion, and others, ETC can alert you instantly via your cell phone, a centralized monitoring station or even to your own security detail.

Through digital recording and via our central monitoring stations that connect into local Fire, Police and Health agencies, you are ensured instant response and immediate protection. Technology truly can provide peace of mind in these situations.

In addition, access to your home can be controlled and monitored utilizing a variety of solutions.

See who is at your door, communicate with them, and decide how to proceed all in real-time from anywhere you can be connected to the internet using your phone, tablet or control system.

Install a gate with remote access or establish a manned guard house for the ultimate in personal protection; ETC has the solution and design that works for you.


Monitor your power use, the quality of your power input coming from your utility and control critical power components with your ETC control systems.

If you are not receiving consistent power flow you may be experiencing intermittent problems with your internet, your devices and it may be affecting the life of your major appliances.

We will review and give you details on what is going right and what needs attention. Control your temperature in any zone of your home with the touch of button. Program your system to cool your house when you are about to arrive and save power utilization when you are away for the summer.

Turn on your spa or pool with the touch of the button. Adjust shades to reduce afternoon warming by simply programming them to follow the movement of the sun as it hits your home.

Then imagine complete energy independence with a storage system that captures alternative sources of energy to help power your home without the need for a utility. The future of complete home independence is here and ETC can assist you in implementing and monitoring.


Today, internet connection in the home is a necessity. ETC’s data network monitoring makes sure that you are always connected on every device.

Our specially engineered networks are designed to automatically switch you to a backup internet provider when your primary source is disrupted.

Not only do we ensure up-time, but we can also recommend solutions to protect you against cyber-attacks. 

ETC is constantly looking for better security solutions for your networks and we will enhance our monitoring systems with these solutions automatically.

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