Four Reasons Not to DIY Your Smart Home
Published January 17, 2022

If you are tech-savvy and love to experiment, you’ve probably considered smart home integration or adding smart devices to your place to add comfort and convenience to your life. But there is a lot of difference between investing in different retail smart appliances and gadgets and having a smart home setup or smart home integration done by a team of experts.


Here are some key things to consider before trying to DIY a smart home with readily available commercial devices.


Complex multi-device installation  

If you are a homeowner with a lot of complex building materials such as mirror walls, interior stone, or radiant floor heating, you are highly likely to face trouble with wireless in your home and will need a professional hand for hazard proof wiring in your home. 


On top of that, you will need to have an inventory of all the smart devices that you will hope to add and simultaneously things to control and manage all of them separately. This would just add tension, complexity to your life, whereas a smart home setup by professionals can keep your life organized, easy-going, and tension-free.


Security and privacy 

The growing craze for modern devices and automated appliances is mainly because of their ability to add levels of security and privacy to your place. However, a lot of smart home devices rely on your data, which makes your data vulnerable. 

However, smart home integration or smart home setup done by a team of automation experts can improve your smart home experience 10x times, without asking you for anything but your basic details only. When you work with professionals, they can set up your network so it’s secure and ensure all your smart home components are updated, well-integrated, and configured to eliminate any kind of security gaps. A smart home setup ensures that a homeowner enjoys the incredible benefits of a truly smart home.


Vulnerability to network failure 

Most people are unaware of robust network planning and don’t understand the fact that their smart home devices or appliances will only be as good as their network. With professional assistance, a homeowner can easily ensure reliable connectivity for every smart device. 

It is very important to understand that the lack of good network infrastructure coupled with bringing in more and more smart devices will only lead to lagging and buffering, and ultimately network failure. 


Remote access 

Just imagine having different apps for different smart devices, appliances, and the following chaos that it will bring to your life. On the other side, a simple smart home setup or smart home integration makes managing your home easy remotely using your smartphone. 

After a smart home installation, you can monitor your home from anywhere and can easily stay notified about what’s going on at your home, while you are away. Home security is another perk of having a smart home setup, which can’t be missed.


So, instead of considering DIY for your smart home, find a reliable and experienced smart home automation company like ETC. They provide a robust, reliable smart home automation system that’s easy to use and access remotely, irrespective of the size of your home.

 Additionally, having professional installation ensures you make the most of your home and enjoy yourself with your family without worrying about anything to fix.

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