| Have You Explored These Garden-Transforming Smart Devices?
Published June 3, 2021

Technology nerds get a bad rap when it comes to going outdoors. But nerds like the outdoors and want to plant gardens, too!


Whether or not you identify as a nerd, let us at ETC show you how the world of smart technology can augment the care you put into your garden.


While a lot of smart home technology focuses on improving life inside your home, there’s a world of smart devices designed to help you with outdoorsy activities. If you’re a pro-level home gardener or you’re only now getting your thumb green for the first time, don’t miss out on the chance to improve your odds of horticulture success in your beloved garden. 


Stop Mowing Your Lawn


When you were younger, you could pocket a few bucks by mowing the lawn. Now that you’re not 12 years old, no one pays you for mowing your own lawn. Fortunately, you can choose how and when it gets trimmed, and who does the trimming. 


We recommend letting your own personal robot do it for you. That’s right – you don’t have to mow the lawn anymore. Get a smart lawnmower, and technology will see to it that the grass is cut. 


Like a Roomba for your yard, a smart lawnmower will let you off the hook and do your most dreaded chore for you.

Young woman controlling a robot lawn mower with her smart phone in the summer. The woman kneeling next to the robotic mower, looking to her smart phone to program the robot mower. Modern Home in the background.

Smarten up Your Sprinkler Solutions

Even if you have a green thumb, you need some blue in the picture. That is, you need water to successfully grow plants – and to keep them alive. The bigger and more complex your property and the surrounding yard work is, the more problematic and time-consuming it becomes to water your plants. 


But there’s nothing that can’t be made smart these days, and that includes necessities like water. With a smart sprinkler system, you can bring features like automation and scheduling to your little leafy friends, giving them their much-needed dose of hydration. Some smart sprinkler systems can even adjust by themselves, and many of them offer Wi-Fi support, too. 


If you’re concerned about water-wise gardening, you’ll be pleased to discover that smart sprinkler systems are more eco-friendly than their classic counterparts. 


Get a Sense for Your Garden

Who needs a green thumb when you have a tech thumb?


If you have a hard time keeping plants alive and have all but given up on your future “envy of the neighborhood” plantscape, don’t call it quits yet! Try out a plant sensor. One of these smart devices can be planted in your garden and can send you all sorts of information on the needs of your plants. 


And yes, for those would-be gardeners out there whose biggest problem is even remembering to water your plants, these sensors can also send you push notifications when it is time to water your plants. It’s a no-frills, no-forget solution to helping your garden turn over a new leaf. 


Whichever upgrades you are looking to add to your ever-growing smart home, remember that the best place for local, homegrown solutions is with ETC! Give us a call today at (561) 881-8118 – we’re happy to discuss all your ideas and how we can help turn them into realities! 

Soil, water, sunlight sensor (tester, monitor, register) in the flower’s (aloe vera) pot. Woman’s hand holds a phone – smart sensor works with mobile app. AI technology helps you grow plants. Copy space.




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