Give your Home the Best-Ever Makeover with a Smart Lighting Installation
Published April 5, 2021

If you are planning to have a smart home or want to renovate your existing home, smart lighting is the best element to start with. This little element can add an instant upgrade to your place, and you don’t even need to worry about its installation at all. Smart lighting is not only simple to install and control but can also transform your living space completely, without digging a deep hole in your pocket. 


Whether it’s smart plugs, bulbs, fixtures, or in-wall smart switches, all of them have similar capabilities, which allow you to control them remotely or monitor them using your app to create routines, and more. This is so all the smart devices stay connected. 

Need some ideas about how you can play with smart lighting installation while saving energy? Here are some ways to give your home an all-new top-notch look. 


Safety and Security Come First

Smart lighting installation gives you the benefit of illuminating a porch, sidewalk, or hallway so that you don’t have to roam around in the dark again. There are numerous smart lighting options that you can consider for your walkways, as they light up the path when someone approaches. Such smart lighting installation can even be set to trigger other Ring devices and can also send motion alerts to your smartphone. 


Utmost Convenience 

If you are one of the people who come and leave your home at the same time daily or are the type who loves to mix things up, smart lighting is apt for both. With smart lighting installation, you can schedule specific times for the smart bulbs, in-wall switches, and smart plugs to go on and off at specific times daily. Smart lighting can be added with motion sensors to prevent you from ever entering a dark room again. You can seamlessly add motion sensors so that the lights switch on and off automatically when you walk into a room or past areas of your home. It doesn’t just make your home more advanced, it also saves you a lot of money. 


Create an Ambiance that Suits your Mood

Smart lighting installation enables you to transform your room as per your mood with the color-adjustable smart bulbs. You can seamlessly brighten or dim the light or tune them to the color of your choice so that they can match with the indoor theme while not being too harsh on your eyes. On special occasions like birthdays, new years, Christmas, etc. you can create the ambiance simply in a matter of clicks with a smart lighting installation. 


Having said that, if you get the smart lighting installation done with the assistance of an Energy Saving Smart Home Company like ETC Simplify, you can turn your house into a Smart Home of your choice at a decent cost. 


Regardless of the lighting type, for instance: under-cabinet LED lighting, or a fixture that can highlight your favorite palm tree; the lighting engineers and designers of ETC Simplify can deliver on your every wish. When are you going to have a light that changes its color with the time of the day? With smart lighting installation done by the ETC Simplify experts, you can control the lights in your garden, porch, home, and pool seamlessly with considerable savings on your energy bill. 

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