Open Up to Smart Shade Options
Published July 6, 2021

Summer is exciting for many reasons: No distance or in-person school, beach vacations, poolside staycations, and of course, the warm weather. But what about when you are inside and want to keep some of that sunlight out?


That’s what smart shades are for!


We love talking about smart shading, and it’s because we love smart shading solutions! And there’s a good reason for it – it adds a whole other layer of control to your smart home. You’ll never have to sacrifice your taste for fabulous design for smart shades either – here are different styles of smart shades that will help make your summer and your house as cool as can be. 

Interior of the room, workplace near window, light furniture, desk, blue roman blind, wall shelves. Interior, design, house apartment concept

Roller Shades

Somehow even cooler than roller blades, roller shades are cool, they’re cool. They’ll help keep your house cooler, all with the attractive roller look that can fit in anywhere.  


Horizontal Sheer Blinds

For homeowners with nosy neighbors or privacy concerns, you can get more control over seeing in and out of your windows with sheer smart blinds. Even if you’re the nosy neighbor, no one outside will be able to tell you’re peeking! Combine that freedom with the familiar functionality of blinds, and you have a winning – and sun blocking – combination. 


Pleated Shades

The Z-shaped pleats of pleated shades spruce up any room in your home. Who would say no to smart window treatments that add oomph to your adventurous and bold expressions of self? We sure wouldn’t. 


Wood/Venetian Blinds

The best of both worlds, made better – with wood Venetian shades, you get privacy and a trickle of sunlight in your room. Some manufacturers even give you independent precision controls over the tilt angle and the vertical lift! 

Smart home: man controlling blinds with app on his phone

Drapery Track System, or Electric Curtains

Fashion meets function, finally. No more manually opening the drapes for you! With a smart shading drapery track system, you can easily control your draperies from wherever you want. 


Honeycomb Shades

Hungry for honeycomb? Of course you are, but you should probably save your sweet tooth for something besides these shades. Honeycomb shades provide fantastic insulation, and depending on the unique look you decide on, they can be as subtle or as eye-catching as you desire.  


Roman Shades

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your house. Roman shades are for those of you who enjoy quiet – these shades are practically silent in their movement. 


As the temperature rises and the sun shines for longer each day, it’s time to get shades that go down easily. And who wants to make the daily rounds to adjust shades every morning and night as the sun and temperature change? We don’t – and we bet you don’t either. 

Bedroom deck with sheer horizontal blinds. One side up. One side down.

Contact us today and we’ll walk you through all of the possible smart shading options for your home. We’re glad to look into any further custom integration needs you have, as well. Let us help you make sure your smart home feels like a home!

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