Optimize your Health with a Smart Lighting Installation at Home
Published October 25, 2021

Smart lighting is a powerful tool to enhance your mood, appetite, and sleep cycles by automating your exposure to blue light.


There is a key relationship between light and health. It has a deep impact on various aspects of your lives, ranging from deficiency of vitamin D, depression symptoms to how it can affect your mood, appetite, and energy levels. Exposure to excessive light at night and very little light during the day can impact your health badly.


Read how smart lighting installation can help you improve your health and well-being:


Blue light is synonymous with energy 

Exposure to blue light in the daytime can make you highly alert and raise your energy level. The blue light-driven alertness lasts for a half-hour after you are exposed to blue light. Blue light is emitted by the sun, our lights, computer screen and phone screens. This high level of alertness is a pro during the day but can be a problem at night.


Very little light during the daytime and too much exposure at night has the potential to disrupt your circadian rhythm, badly affect your sleep cycles, and make it difficult for you to stay up and going, throughout the day. It can also play around with your mood, leaving you in a disappointing state. On the other hand, dimmer lighting enables your body to adjust, makes you calmer and relaxed, which is amazing when it’s nearing bedtime.


Light can impact your health in surprising ways 

Poor lighting can cause headaches and fatigue and trigger symptoms of depression, affecting your immune systems. On the contrary, natural light is known to reduce symptoms of depression significantly. According to a study, people with vitamin D deficiency and depression had lesser depressive symptoms after seven weeks of increased sunlight exposure.


Automated lighting installation can keep you healthy 

A smart home design combined with smart lighting installation can ensure your home has the right balance of light. With the installation of smart window coverings, you can easily adjust natural light to your advantage and make sure that you are getting sufficient light during the daytime to improve your mood, health, and well-being.


Smart lighting installation gives you the power to control your home’s lighting exactly the way you want and turn it off when it’s time to get off to bed. It allows you to adjust your home lighting settings and set timings for more light at your place for mood elevation and dimmer light at night for sedating. With the smart home design, your home automatically knows when to have timed lights and dimmers to keep your mood and energy levels higher.


Smart lighting automation also allows you to pre-program your home lighting to adjust as per the time or switch off lights as and when required from your smartphone. But, to enable all of that, you must partner with a good smart lighting installation team that can help you cut the best deal and have a delightful experience.



There are many smart home automation companies, but you must choose a trusted, smart home design partner like ETC. ETC has extensive experience in designing lighting systems that ensure the perfect amount of light for any situation at the touch of a button. Contact ETC’s team of experts for smart lighting automation and smart window covering solutions.

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