Home Video Solutions

Your home entertainment system shouldn’t just play music. Ensure that it distributes videos as well! The advanced technology we provide gives the convenience of having a movie from your Netflix account or a television program from your cable device play on every television in your home or just the one you select. You even have the ability to start a movie or show in one room and finish it in another – it’s that flexible. The best part of video distribution systems? The need for multiple television components in each room is officially eliminated.

Here at ETC, your video distribution system options are numerous, from the system design to the equipment selection. You can even have it integrated into your home automation system, giving you even more control to pre-select certain settings to come on automatically.

Contact ETC today and make the most out of your home entertainment systems with the following video products:

  • Projection Screens
  • Video Panels
  • Video Projectors
  • Video Walls
  • Throw Projectors
  • Virtual Reality Systems
  • Mixed Reality Environmental Rooms
  • Weather Proof Video Systems
  • Bathroom Mirror Televisions with Direct Mobile Access