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“On Demand, 24/7, 365 Days a year.”

24/7, 365 Service of Our Products

While the initial design phase is the first step towards identifying the individual lifestyle requirements of our clients, it’s the actual installation and ongoing maintenance by our service personnel that is the secret behind ETC’s success. We never sub-contract our work. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that you will work only with only our own highly skilled technicians, from the pre-wire stage of your home all the way through completion. But that’s not all. ETC is also proud to stand behind our work with best in class warranty service, personalized Concierge Service Programs, and enhanced upgrade options to keep your system on the cutting edge.

When you choose ETC to install any of our technology solutions you guarantee professional and on time design, installation, monitoring, and service including instruction. With more than thirty years of experience, 2,500+ satisfied customers, 70+ full-time employees, and 30+ company service vehicles, ETC is proud to have the resources to take care of you each and every day.

24 hour Emergency Services

24/7, 365 Service of Our Products

Service is the difference when it comes to ETC. Ask our competitors how many technicians are locally ready to support you when you have a problem? Ask them if they have a team of technicians on-call during major holidays when your systems don’t work as expected and you have a house full of friends and relatives? Ask them if they answer their phones 24 hours a day? Ask them how many employees they have dedicated to resolving all your issues? Ask them if they can guarantee a 2-hour response any day, any hour, anytime, all the time? If the answers don’t satisfy you, then allow us to simplify your decision and choose ETC.