This New Year, Get the Affordable Home Automation you Always Wanted
Published January 31, 2022

The new year brings new hopes, aspirations and makes everyone feel rejuvenated and introduces a new beginning. This new year, get the affordable home automation you always wanted. Get started somewhere to give your home the makeover it must get in 2022.


We agree that buying smart home products can be confusing and take a toll on you. But, with rapidly advancing technology, smart home design is becoming a reality for many people, significantly shaping their lives for the better.


Key Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Design in 2022 

Before you spend a penny on smart home automation installation or integration, here is why it is totally worth it:


Comfort, comfort, and endless comfort 

In today’s stressful, fast-paced life, comfort and peace of mind have become something to die for. A smart home design ensures that you get most of the things done at the click of a button. Whether turning on or off the lighting system or ensuring that no electricity is getting wasted somewhere in your home. Smart home automation makes all of it possible for homeowners.


Secured Home 

An experienced, smart home solution provider can help you renovate your place with affordable home automation and ensure that you don’t need to worry about your belongings at home while you are away or in a deep sleep at night. 

A smart home design makes your home more secure, offering robust security systems, including professional surveillance services, window, and door sensors, motion radar, and smoke detectors, among others, for maximized home security.  


Seamless Entertainment 

You don’t need to move out of your place to watch a movie in the theater in 2022. Gift yourself a smart home theater this new year and get ready to experience the theater-like movie experience right at your place. 

A team of experts takes necessary acoustic and aesthetic issues into consideration to deliver homeowners the best possible system performance and optimize the overall viewing experience. A smart home theater allows you to pre-set your lighting and sound preferences for your next movie screening. So, watch your first movie in 2022 with your family and friends at your place.


Connected Home 

Smart home design makes your home connected with all the control in your hand. Don’t underestimate the delight of being able to run your house’s functions from a distance. While you are about to leave for home from the office on a hot day, you can remotely set the home temperature and make it cooler before you’re there. 

If you are running late for your evening dinner with loved ones at home and want everything ready before you reach there, you can preheat the oven, set the room temperature, and turn on the dedicated lights, and save reputation if any of the guests reach your home before you.


Now that you know so many reasons to invest in smart home design in 2022 get in touch with a team of professionals for the best assistance. ETC is your go-to destination for affordable home automation. They specialize in delighting their customers with tailored home automation solutions and services. 

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