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Our company vision is to WOW and AMAZE you by automating and integrating technology into your project. Our 30+ years of experience with the largest in-house service staff available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, award winning designs and industry leading HTA Estate Level Certification lets you know we can deliver on our vision!


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Michael DiPietro

Leadership is the cornerstone from which to build, and your commitment to excellence by having expert individuals on your team of professionals has eloquently transcended my visions into reality.

Alan Snyder

They took a sincere interest in what systems I wanted to have in my house, and they tailored systems that would fit my budget and could do what I wanted them to do.

Chick Baboyian

It is important that the service provider not make the client feel overwhelmed or talked down to. The ETC team made my wife and I comfortable with the technology, and designed and implemented a system we can live with–and can’t live without.



Because home automation technology performs tasks automatically, end users experience great convenience.

Lots of smart gadgets are compatible with one another, and you can set different triggers between devices to automate regular home processes. For instance, you could set your smart locks to turn on your smart lighting when you unlock the front door.


Ever leave for work in the morning when it was a comfortable 70° outside only to come home to a sweltering house because the temperature shot up to 90°?

Connected home products like Wi- Fi thermostats let you adjust your home temperature from a mobile app, so your family is always comfortable.

Peace of Mind

One of the many hidden benefits that come with home automation is peace of mind. There will be no more worrying if you turned off the lights, locked the door or turned off the television.

For people who have a lot on their plates, home automation is worth the investment.


Many home automation technologies fall under the umbrella of home security. Consumers purchase these devices because they want to make their homes safer and more secure.

Tap your finger to turn on the lights before you get home, or turn on when you aren’t home to ward off potential robbers. Security cameras offer benefits through either remote monitoring of package deliveries or real-time video of home inhabitants or unwanted visitors.

Energy Efficiency

Increase your home’s energy efficiency by being able to remotely power systems and appliances off when they are not being used.

In addition to the standard home automation products that give you active control, we offer products that actively monitor systems and
provide the homeowner with knowledge, insight, and guidance to achieve greater control and energy efficiency.

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