What Is Preventive Maintenance, and Why Do I Need a Service Contract?
Published September 8, 2021

Technology solutions in your home or office can help you complete day-to-day tasks in many ways. If your systems stop working one day and you didn’t know who to contact, you will end up spending time and money just to get your electronics functioning again. That’s why preventive maintenance and service contracts are so important. 


Preventative maintenance is proactively maintaining, updating, and taking care of your systems to avoid long-term damage and troubleshooting issues. This is typically done through a service contract with a company like (Insert name code here) who handles all of the maintenance accordingly. 


The more complex your system is, the more maintenance it likely needs. Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll get out of investing in a service contract.


We Take Care of it All

We will inspect and test your equipment to make sure it’s functioning correctly. We can also update the system’s software and firmware when necessary, calibrate all systems to make sure they are working properly together, and perform general maintenance (e.g., cleaning monitors, removing dust internally). We are here to be responsive to your technology needs. 

Optimized System Performance

Proactive maintenance keeps your technology running in the best possible conditions, prolonging its life expectancy. This allows you to protect your investment and get the highest usage possible. 


No Unnecessary Roadblocks

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule ensures that you’ll always be able to use your technology when you need it. Nobody wants to try and get some work done or sit down to watch a movie, and have the system crash unexpectedly.  


A service contract ensures that you get the response and help you need in a timely manner. Technology replacement or repair can often be expensive. With a service contract, you’re likely to save money with reduced response & labor fees, which can add up quickly over time.

It’s never too late to start proactively caring for your technology. If you’re looking to find the best service contract for your AV solutions, our team at ETC provides many options to cater to your needs. Contact ETC to learn more about our products and services. 

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