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Let’s face it, we all want to save on our energy costs. A great way to do that is to integrate smart technology into your home. Wouldn’t it be easier, and more energy efficient if you could control all the major electronic and HVAC appliances in your house with just the touch of a button? Of course it would. With smart home technology you can do just that.

Energy efficient smart home technology allows you to control the lighting in your house as well as the AC unit all from anywhere that you go thanks to a convenient app on your smartphone or tablet.

Forget to turn up the AC before leaving for that business trip?

No problem. Want to cool down your house on your way home from work? Go for it.

Forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen, but now you’re on the other side of the house? Skip the walk back and do it on your phone.

Energy independence is the ultimate goal for all energy systems. At ETC we can offer solutions that will allow you to disconnect from the Grid entirely and run your home with your own power. With home control systems, you have the power to control your home making it more energy efficient and save money on energy and electric costs.

At ETC we are an industry leader when it comes to smart home technology and home control systems.

We will work with you to design and install a custom energy management system that is perfect for your home.

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